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spideyironic - 8 Jan 2011
FRIENDLY service and FAST too

casaverde - 4 Jan 2011
Good Service! Many thanks to Noel & Co-workers for fixing our Macbook Pro. The price was reasonable and turn around time quick. I would recommend Main 57th computer for any computer related problems. Many thanks, Joanne

Robwasaninja - 4 Jan 2011
These guys know their stuff. I would highly recommend them. I've had two different laptops repaired there. Fast and efficient.

Ian - 15 Dec 2010
Excellent, honest service. Noel is very professional. He keeps in touch regarding the repairs and informs you of the problems and associated costs....therefore, no surprises. I would definitely recommend Main57th computer without hesitation.

Chere Michelle - 9 Dec 2010
I am so glad I went here. I took my Dell Laptop to another place, in North Van, and was basically told to forget it. My laptop was toast. I was still paying for this thing and I was told it was dead?! So I gave up for a few months and then my boyfriend stumbled upon these reviews for Main 57th and we went there ASAP. I don't regret this decision at all. My laptop was fixed for under $200 (which was my budget) and took less than a week. The work is guaranteed, the service nothing but courteous and professional. If you think your computer can't be fixed, try these guys.

Jeff - 6 Oct 2009
Fully appreciative customer I just moved to Vanouver from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and was lost without my computer when I dropped it and broke the hard drive, which I then broke from the motherboard upon examination. Main 57th computer was able to find a replacement hard drive and attach it back to the motherboard so my computer could get back to the fully functioning capacity that it is in now. I was very thankful for the help this business was able to supply.

Siamak - 2 Aug 2009
Very Friendly Customer Service Here is the place to get your computer fix at the great price with friendly customer service.You may have worries about your computer but when you leave it for pro then there is no time to be worry.You only have to enjoy working with your computer. But never forget Thanks , Siamak

Bob - 11 Nov 2010
Excellent service and quick I just received my laptop via Canada Post today after being repaired at your site. Thanks for the great prompt service and resonable pricing. I will definitely recommend your service to friends and keep you in mind for future repairs. Thanks again ---BOB

Maria - 2 Oct 2010
Good Service for a Reasonable Price They had my laptop repaired in just a few days. Good service for a reasonable price. Thank you. - Maria

12 Sep 2010
Fair prices and quick service, but installed the wrong version of windows After a series of crashes and freezes, my wife took her laptop in, asking to have pictures and music recovered from the harddrive, and for a clean installation of windows. Both were done quickly and for a price that seemed fair. The one problem is that instead of reinstalling the Home Premium version of Windows Vista that was on the machine before, only Home Basic was installed, requiring me to reinstall everything again anyway. Considering that there is a sticker on the computer specifying the version of Windows it was running, this seems like a pretty silly mistake to make, although in all fairness, we probably could have been more specific in our request, as well.

Brian - 18 Dec 2009
BEST SERVCE Thank you very much for such great service and very reasonable too. You had my Toshiba Laptop repaired in two days. I have recomended you to all my friends and i wish you continued success. Thank You, Brian

Stewart - 2 Nov 2009
Best Laptop Shop in the lower mainland I have been a customer of MAIN 57th Computer for 3 years and will never go to anyone else again. Thank you STEWART

1 Sep 2009
Awsome Customer Service! I had a laptop with a broken Swiss keyboard. The fellows at Main 57th tried everything short of flying to Switzerland trying to solve my problem. Well, I had to resort to a standard US keyboard, which was installed very quickly and shipped to me in Kelowna. If you got a problem, then go there, you will be looked after!

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